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the hill of Fushan Taiping Bridge Tangyue Memorial Archways Langya Gucha Baisui palace Penglai Fairy Cave of Shitai
Beauty of Baohe
Introduction:Baohe is famous as a place where Bao Zheng, the rhadamanthine official in the North
Mingjiao Yard
Introduction:The Emperor Wu in the Liang Dynasty built an Iron Buddha Temple o­n the site of
Xiaoyaojin Park
Introduction:Located at the northeastern corner of Hefei old urban area, Xiaoyaojin Park is a mu
Lord Bao Memorial Temple
Introduction:Lord Bao Memorial Temple is located in Baohe Park just southwest of the city center
The Former Residence of Li Hongzhang
Introduction:The Former Residence of Li Hongzhang is located o­n the Huaihe Road (the mid-se
Dachendun ruins
Introduction:Dachendun ruins as soon as calls "Dachen Gudui". It is located in Feidong distric
Ring Park
Introduction:Ring Park is the Multi-purpose, open style park park which established in he old
Sanhe town
Introduction:Sanhe town lies in the Feixi county, Hefei city, is 300 kilometer from the center o
the spring day of Shushan
Introduction: The spring day of shushan is situated in the the western suburbs of Hefei. Here
Siding hill
Introduction:Siding hill lies in the south of Feidong town, the elevation is 174 meters. The lak
the wuli fly rainbow
Introduction:Wulidun multi-level crossing bridges located at the west of Hefei urban district, a
Anhui museum
Introduction:Anhui museum located in the north of the Sanxiaokou at Changjiang road. It was a co
Bao gong memorial park
Introduction:Baogong memorial park lies in Baohe Park in the southeastern part of his hometown,
Lake Chaohu
Introduction:Lake Chao, or Chao Hu is a lake located at the juncture of Chaohu and Hefei cities
Dachengtou ruins
Introduction:Dachengtou ruins also named the loyal city. It was located in the Feidong town. It
the hill of Fushan
Introduction:Fushan also named Fuchao hill. It was about 20 kilometers from the east of Feidong
the ruins of Gugeng
Introduction:The ruins of Gugeng is located in the east of Paidong town. The ruins assume the Ta
Amber time
Introduction:The amber mountain village is an beautiful place where is very comfortable and the
the garden street
Introduction:The garden street was located in the crossing of the Changjiang road and Rongshida
Longcheng ruins
Introduction:Longcheng ruins is located in the Feidong town, Longcheng village. And was the ruin
The light of Luzhou
Introduction:Heifei named Luzhou in the ancient. The decorative light in Hefei was distributed i
Wu Fumu carved stone
Introduction:Wu Fumu carved stone was located in the Feidong town. Wu Fusui followed Zhu Yuanz
Wuwang temple
Introduction:Wuwang temple was located in the east of Wushan town which is 35 kilometers from He
Wuwangdun ancient grave
Introduction:Wuwangdun ancient grave is the grave of Warring States period. It is located in Cha
New town ruins
Introduction:New town ruins is located in the east of Jimingshan which is 15 kilometer away from
Yuanshu ancient grave
Introduction:Yuanshu ancient grave also named Yuanshi orphaned grave. It is the grave of Eastern